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Q. Who is Pilates for?
A. Pilates is for everyone! From teenagers to seniors, from post-surgery and rehabilitative
clients to professional athletes and dancers. Everyone can benefit from Pilates.
The special equipment is highly adaptable and the unique exercises can be modified
to match the requirements of every individual. Please consult a GP before taking on any exercise programme.

Q. Is there anywhere to change?
A. Yes - there is space to change for both males and females

Q. What do I wear?
A. Comfortable clothing, such as tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a
T-shirt. You are bare foot for Pilates although in some of the other classes such as
Bodytone you will need trainers.

Q. What is a Swiss Ball?
A. It is an inflatable ball which comes in various sizes depending upon the
individuals height. It makes the exercises a little more challenging by
providing a slightly unstable surface to work on. It will enable you to
work the body from top to toe.

Q. How many people are in a class and do I have to book?
A. The spaces are limited to enable us to give sufficient supervision.
Due to limited spaces we do advise booking and payment is required 48 hours
before the class to secure a place.

Q. Can I block book any of the classes?
A. Yes, due to Customer requests we do allow block booking to be made
on any of our classes. You can pay for 10 sessions and get one session free,
you can pick and choose the classes as you go, and the sessions must be used within a three month period.

Q .Do i have to pay a membership or joining fee?
A.NO,we do not ask for any of these so you only pay for the classes you want
to do,and you are not paying when you are on holiday or when we are closed
e.g. Christmas period.

Q. I am a beginner - which classes can I do?
A. We do run beginners classes and we are currently looking
to increase the beginners times within the timetable, but you can fit in any
mainstream class as the technique is explained constantly throughout the
class from start to finish.

Q. Do I need experience?
A. No experience is required. The only way to know Pilates is by doing Pilates.
All you need is the will to strengthen and balance your body and the desire to
improve your performance and work towards tension-free, pain-free living!

Q. I've never exercised for years - is Pilates suitable?
A. Pilates is suitable for any age and any fitness level. You work at your
own pace and at a low intensity until you have perfected the technique.

Although we do recommend if you have any medical condition to check
with your G.P. before beginning any exercise programme.

Q. Can I do Pilates while working with a physiotherapist, osteopath etc.?
A. .Yes! Pilates is ideal to complement any kind of body-therapy and is recommended by many practitioners and therapists today. Your therapist can help bring your body back into balance and through Pilates you learn how to maintain that balance, build on it
and avoid future imbalances-postural and muscular.