Real men pump iron don't they?

They are too macho for the likes of pilates surely?
Try telling that to the New Zealand All Blacks who include pilates as part of their fitness programme.Or to Aussie rugby league clubs
with names like l the Canterbury Bulldogs and
the Melbourne Storm who have compulsory weekly pilates classes to help prevent injuries.And you don't have to go to the other side of the world either to find professional sportsmen who use pilates as part of their injury recovery, fitness and well being programmes. Premier League footballers, the England cricket team, Olympic athletes to name
but a few are well versed in the benefits of doing pilates.

Joseph Pilates himself was a boxer and self-defence instructor and although dancers were among the first converts to the benefits of the Pilates Method, it's interesting to note that legendary German heavyweight boxer, Max Schmelling, was also a regular at his New York studio.

The best news of all for men is that you don't have to be a sportsman, professional or otherwise, to enjoy the benefits of pilates.

Pilates And Men
Joe Pilates developed his exercises for both men and women and around 25% of those attending pilates classes today are men.

Pilates is an effective form of exercise because it develops your core strength and improves your posture and that's something that men can benefit from just as much as women.
According to a sports and orthopedic specialist, the best way for men to improve posture and develop muscle strength is to attack the body's core muscles - those around the trunk area. Exercises that will have the most positive effect without strain are pilates, and Swiss ball exercises. The core muscles act like a corset around your trunk, take pressure off your back and pull
all the other abdominal muscles into the right place.

Those core muscles which pilates targets so perfectly can help alleviate back problems and help develop a flat stomach. Two things that top the list of many a man's health and fitness wish list. One to one sessions are also available.

So remember. Real men do pilates. So why not join them today!