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jackknifebackrowConditioning on the ball will take you through a whole body workout, which will tone the body as well
as improving core stability, posture, balance and co-ordination.

Non-impact exercises on the ball can be adapted for all ability levels. Maintaining balance on
the ball recruits the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine and strengthens the postural muscles, resulting in a stronger and more supple body.
Stability Balls are ideal for free movement exercises like pilates and help improve balance, co-ordination and posture.

The ball improves your posture,balance and core strength,just about every exercise done with the ball works the core muscles.
With the ball you can work your legs,arms,back and abdominals,it can also be a cardio workout involving squats and lunges.
The ball is a great tool to strengthen abs and lower back as it is an unstable surface so you work hard to adjust and maintain balance.
The ball is suitable for all fitness levels and can achieve great results.
Wear comfortable fitness clothing.