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I can honestly say Borderpilates has changed my life! From a generous size 14 couch potato who did’nt even exercise at school,i am now a neat size 10 who would Spin every day if i could.

At 46 years old i am the fittest and strongest i have ever been thanks to regular Spinning and Bodytone classes.I have more energy than i had at 21. Classes are fun and professional but not competitive so you can go at your own pace. On the social side i have made a lot of very good friends who make “working out” a pleasure.

Suzanne Huddart.

I have been coming to Borderpilates since they opened in 2003 and the Pilates classes really help to keep my back supple,as well as stretching out the rest of me!
I could’nt and would’nt give it up!

Katie Wright,

Ten years of Pilates with Julie,Ann and Nicola has kept me away from the Osteopath. Their instruction is excellent and enjoyable and Borderpilates is a very friendly and welcoming

Jane Kinnaird.

I’ve found that Pilates keeps my joints moving and muscles toned.Borderpilates is a lovely place to exercise, friendly staff and relaxing music all help to make each session enjoyable.I have found i am walking taller and feel energised (and relaxed) after each class.

Julia (senior citizen)

There is always a warm friendly welcome as you come into the hallway there is always the sound of laughter. Compared to other gyms and fitness classes i have been to this is the friendliest.All the instructors offer encouragement and motivation which enables you to achieve personal goals and improve health and fitness. The Pilates classes have helped with a lower back problem which i suffered with for over a year,the difference these classes have made has been amazing. The Spinning and Bodytone classes are challenging but very satisfying as you improve
fitness and bodyshape.

Alison Livingstone,49 and 3 quarters.

I was suffering from lower back pain and an Osteopath recommended Pilates classes so i contacted Borderpilates.I had never done Pilates before so i joined the beginners class and found the instructions very easy to follow.It was clear that the tutor was very Knowledgeable and experienced a nd always explained alternative moves for people with back or other problems.The staff are very friendly and made me feel like a regular from the very
beginning.They really know how to get the right balance between professionalism and informality.I still marvel at how they know everyone’s names and what classes we all do.Since i have been attending Pilates classes my back pain has almost completely disappeared and instead of being in pain every day i now have very infrequent days of discomfort.Thank you Borderpilates.